I am

Most things we feel, we cherish, we hold onto in life are abstract in nature.

Love, longing, hurt, despair, ambition, happiness – every emotion that drives you is abstract, only felt by your own being.

There is beauty in the unsaid, the unspoken. Words which never reach the lips, others that get missed between the lines.

Sometimes they die within us, in our silence, in our indifference or because of our sheer unwillingness to acknowledge their very existence.

At other times we find their echo in the World around us, as it unfolds the mysteries of our hearts.

This photo blog is an insight into my World of Abstracts!

Where every pixel emotes and holds more than what the eye can see.

It is in silence that we hear and see things that touch our souls the most. I hope my photos speak to you, move you and help you understand the World of  ‘the unsaid’ around you, better.

Thank you for stopping by…

Merlin Francis

— Merlin Francis